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This is an application which allows Mac users to keep up or retain the task of managing their receipts along with their respective documents. The process is neither complex nor hard to understand. Moreover it reduces the chances of retaining papers of just any kind. It emphasizes on scanning receipts, electricity or water bills, warranty cards or business cards and bank statements. There are different kinds of papers however when OCR is functioning it recognizes them. Besides that it adds their details in the details window. Furthermore, with this application you can create your own database. This will help you be orderly and have peace of mind as you will have everything under control.

This is an illustration of how to set a paperless office software Mac. However, you will need hardware like a canon desktop scanner which has a document feeder and an iPhone6. Moreover you need to have an ever note, drop box app, internet automation tool, scanbot and Mac scanning software.

Evernote It has an elephant theme which you can write your notes on. It has an archiving service which is ideal for organizing online documents as well as the documents in the cloud. It has supporting feature for the image files. Moreover, you can use multiple notebooks for your online work. Furthermore you can tag as well as search through the Pdfs.

Photos Once you open our cloud account you can shares images right from your ipads image gallery. It is easier to use it than any other application.

Internet automation tool is commonly known as ifttts. Its purpose is to connect with ones drop box along with the ever note personal accounts. It takes advantage of the fact that every time an image is scanned is automatically stored in the drop box.

ScanbotIt is a simple scanner you can use while still using your iPhone. Its best features include automatic saving your images into your customized ever note account. Most of all, you can have it as it is free, you only need to download it.

Mac scanning software’; setting it only takes a couple of minutes when you follow instructions to the letter, first you need to install and create a new ever note account. Moreover, you need to create a ‘to be filed ‘notebook in this account. Furthermore install and create a drop box account. Later on, create a paperless scans folder in your drop box. Check the ifttts link, you should click on the add recipes titles so that it may link your drop box folder with that of ever note’s notebook.

If you want to avoid the hassle of going through all of the above software and their issues, cuedrive comes to help you with its robust and secure online office management tools.

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