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Paperless office is a place where the use of paper is either eliminated or drastically reduced. Apart from being environment friendly, it also saves money, boosts productivity, saves time, makes documentation easier and secure, utilizes space. Paperless office is easily accessible from any place.

There are two type of must have requirements for paperless offices: hardware and software.

Hardware includes computers, computer tablets, smart phones and e-books etc.

Many companies provide different software for office documentation, speech recognition, sharing and security, scanning and converting to different formats etc.

The first step is to decide the file structure you require:

  • Which document do you have currently in system?
  • What type of documents your organization might need to store electronically?
  • Which files you need to access very often and quickly?
  • Which internal documents should be stored through e-media?

Once you decide for the file structure here are few steps which need to be followed for paperless office:

  • Share files with Google Docs, through which you can work simultaneously with your colleagues on a document or excel sheet. This system lets you interact with others who are viewing the document. It even saves time. You can access the files you made at any time if you need to email (or print them), and you can also revert to or compare earlier versions at any time. If your office is not into the Gmail craze, Microsoft Office 365 offers interactive document editing features . Base camp is another popular system for document collaboration and sharing. It stores documents and conversations/emails by topic, but it does not allow for two colleagues to simultaneously edit the same document.
  • The more online bill payment system is adopted, the less we will spend on postage, envelopes and employee valuable time required for coordination, checks, and confirmations. Managing your office finance through the electronic system makes payments prompt and easier to trace. Most of the banks now a days offer paperless statements and even give encouraging incentives for customers to manage online accounts.

Document management system also offers extra features such as:

  • User authentication for instant and increased security
  • Makes content accessible from anywhere at any time
  • Digital signatures
  • Complete record of documents
  • Prevents document loss in transit as compare to physical document
  • Multimedia filing, enabling together various type of visual images, text and data files, videos.

The cuedrive system provides a bunch of smart tools to help your office reduce paper waste. Every step towards a paperless office will save your time, money, storage space. And don’t forget to recycle any paper you still keep and don’t need any more.

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