cuedrive allows your staff to seamlessly manage and control the documents within your workplace – improving safety, saving time & reducing costs.

cuedrive is a resourceful and secure paperless documentation system that allows businesses to manage all company documentation from one central location.

The process is simple – add a company document, set the permissions then allow your staff access from any device whether it be an iPad or even an iPhone.

Need forms completed while you are not in the office? No problem, cuedrive has a pdf editor to assist with completing forms to ensure the information is entered and data obtained efficiently and seamlessly sent back to the head office – all via the web.

Features of cuedrive include:

  • Access documents anywhere – online or offline – enjoy a fully offline system that maintains all the information even when you are out of mobile coverage.
  • View and edit documents on any device – employee’s with permission to view the document can complete and save the file to their relevant work folder and the document is uploaded to the central database instantly.
  • Safe and secure – Control access and distribution of company files via a secure and central file storage system. As an added feature, staff has emergency information at their fingertips with safety documents available quickly without login.
  • Increase staff efficiencies – Staff can edit, sign and send files in real time.
  • Access from any device – whether your staff use a PC, Mac or mobile device, they can access the cuedrive central drive at all times.
  • Instant communication with staff – if you have staff working in remote locations all staff can use the master file at the same time and save forms to team folders in an instant.

Whether you need to share files with one staff member or one hundred, cuedrive is the simple way to instantly and seamlessly improve the way documentation is managed within your workplace.

Discover how cuedrive can help your business today – sign up for a free trial or check out our pricing options and make your dreams of a paper-less office a reality!