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What is Cloud?

With the advent of World Wide Web and the internet revolution, offices all over the world are no longer isolated from each other but have merged in one strong, evolving and flexible network which gives the same perks as the conventional means of communication used to give but does it at a faster pace. With increased usage of internet and its resources, it’s no surprise that we have come across file hosting services which manage your important documents by storing them on the cloud or the internet and it’s not limited to just one location but spread across several servers with easier management of data so that whenever you are in need of an important document, it will be available to you within a few key strokes.

How Document Management does takes place on a Cloud?

With the rise of paperless Office soft wares and the increased usage of e-documents and files its also imperative that they need to be stored somewhere where they can be easily accessed and retrieved from as well as ease of editing and logging the changes on these documents for future purposes. Cloud based document systems have been of great help in this regard as they give us the flexibility of access anywhere from the net and offers the same features as any traditional data center would do. Also being cloud based the costs involved and their maintenance is far less compared to conventional data centers, thus, helping many small-to-medium enterprises in saving considerable expenditure in setting up and maintaining a data center.

How safe is it?

Like any other IT solution the developers of these Cloud Document Systems have ensured that proper authentication and tight security policies are in place while leasing out the cloud services to a company. It is ensured that the access be granted to the employees of a company to that company’s resources only and no resources of other companies be visible to them. Based on the complexity of the cloud system role based access can also be introduced.

Data being spread across different locations on web ensure that if a server breaks down due to some event valuable data is not lost. Logger settings help us track how and when documents are edited and who are doing it to keep proper checks in places. So unless a full scale outage takes place on the internet or any other unforeseen incident the Cloud Document Management system like cuedrive are quite robust and reliable and give us the peace of mind while conducting our business.

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