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With the advent of modern technology many of us have embraced the newer and faster methods of communication which reach their destination much faster and save us lots of time and money. Gone are the days when we had to write a letter to our contacts in other companies or to government agencies to get an approval or any other benefit. Now with a single click of a button we can send mails or send across scanned copies of important documents to fasten our work and saves money and space by removing the conveyance and delivery charges for the mail as well as bulky storage spaces to keep the documents safe.

               With the emergence of paperless Office Software we can now process thousands of invoices, spreadsheets, important documents, images and what not within a single office space without an additional need for extra space for storing the files or extra manpower to handle all the work and proper storage of documents. With a few key strokes and click of the mouse we can crosscheck and verify important documents as well as easily retrieve the files when we are asked to and produce the documents in a matter of minutes. Also with email being seamlessly incorporated in the Office Software we can send the documents to any of our contacts or government agencies or even a colleague who are in need of an important file and needs to be taken care of at the earliest as possible.

                The use of negligible or no Paper at all helps a lot in maintaining an eco-friendly and greener office space and cut down on that very important “Carbon Footprint” which so many people and agencies are concerned about. You don’t have to sit and archive through millions of pages to locate some vital piece of information and wastage of paper is reduced to almost a nil.

               As one can see that paperless Software by cuedrive make our jobs in offices a hell lot easier but care must also be taken so that the important files and documents are properly stored and easily retrievable in case of any eventuality. Also in certain cases paper needs to be used when we are collecting information and needs to be filled in places with no access to any computer. But apart from these small drawbacks the benefits of cuedrive paperless Office Software are huge to outweigh the pitfalls and reduce the overall expenditure of a company in redundant activities.

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