Real Estate Online Document Management System

It is an online transaction and files management system used by Real Estate agents. It provides real time transactions, dealings, price and cash management, files handlings along with their easy access, and better Customer engagement. They can carry all the related images of the property in that system and can share it for best customer acquisition. All these features can be acquired in all across the globe on the go.

Agents, now days, are facing much difficulty to manage their papers. It is hard to keep and sort them even in their offices. But not anymore! Thanks to the technological gravity that they are able to come up with a best solution for such annoyance. People can carry their all sort of paper work in their smart phones or manage it in their cloud storages. They all are easy to access and safe. This paper less environment would be the used in all over the world for its widespread and broad benefits.

They significant features of the Real Estate ODMS are:

  • Files access:

Estate agents, in the modern era, are very dynamic and have to visit different offices for their work. So ODMS can and will provide them with an easy and quick access to their files anywhere they want.

  • File Handlings:

ODMC helps Real Estate agents in all the life cycle of their dealing process. They can maintain and watch over their files of all the process. It can also remind them of a certain part of process with its management stuff.

  • Files sanctuary and backup:

For the real estate agents files are their real portfolio and assets they want them in the very safe and secure environment. ODMS manage their assets with more safe and secure, even from the natural misshapes. It also provides them backup safety option i.e. if they accidently deleted them. It can restore their data for these type of situations. In these days ODMS are very mature and adorable to have our trust on them.

  • Better customer engagement:

ODMS like cuedrive also provides them better customer engagement through faster and easier files access. If their clients want to know anything about the land being sold, all they need to do is just open their laptops or pull out the smartphones from their pockets, type the keywords and they can show each and every information about that land or property to their clients with a simple LO AND BEHOLD expression leaving the old hassles stunned. They don’t need to sort them according to their customer needs. They just type similar words and all the data can be fetched in a matter of seconds anywhere anytime.

Establishing a paperless environment for hotel management

A good Software Serves as the Useful Method to Establish a Paperless Hotel Management System

Nowadays, manifold software is being developed with user-friendly interface that help to execute the entire hotel management system without using the long paper documents. It saves time as well as effort and thus you don’t have to invest a huge amount incorporating a large manpower. Therefore, establishing a paperless environment for hotel management has become easy due to the extensive advancement of technology.

Manifold software companies today develop the hotel management portals accompanied with the comprehensive features that would come out with customized outputs. So, you can reveal your specification and you can get the software developed according to your needs making the complete system execute perfectly.

Choose the Suitable Technology

The software can be created with different platforms such as:

  • Java
  • PHP
  • C++
  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Perl
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • .NET

You need to select the particular programming language that would be used to create the customized hotel management software to go paperless. In this respect, you can seek the expert advice of a technical person who can reveal the benefits and difficulties of the web languages. Hence, you can make the right decision knowing that you are able to develop the proper software within your budget.

Experience the Smarter Backdrop

Once, you install the software and utilize the options you can realize the smarter backdrop that would give your hotel a distinct touch. Also, the consumers would feel confident about the place where technology gets the prior importance. So, it would even help to enhance the overall profit margin where the consumers would feel comfortable to come in.

Proper Training

After you decide to establish a paperless environment for hotel management, it’s important to provide proper training to the employees ensuring that they are able to handle the system efficiently. So, you need to arrange workshops where a demo would be represented that would make the employees familiar with all the advanced techniques. It would carry out the bustles competently consuming much less time that would be useful to manage the complete arrangement without any difficulties.


It’s the time to wake up to the gravity of the situation and you need to understand the real importance of technology and put to use some good software like cuedrive. The traditional pen and paper method becomes really difficult to handle and can even get misplaced. So, a software like cuedrive becomes the necessity that would be useful to incorporate all the optimistic features.

Green Office for Large Businesses

Today, companies are more concerned than ever with the impact of their activities on the environment. While any office space can be made more environmentally friendly, it is often much easier for companies to make changes favorable to the ground during an office move. By selecting environmentally friendly materials, the introduction of energy-efficient products, and make other changes relatively profitable, it is not too difficult for businesses to go green in a big way when moving to a new space desk.

One of the most important things to consider in green design is the space itself. The space is just the right size for society, or is it too big, which means it is wasted space to be heated and air conditioned? Does space offer plenty of large windows for natural light, allowing employees to keep the lights on sunny days? Natural lighting is also good for the well-being of employees and of good quality indoor air, window manufacturing one of the most important elements to consider in the overall design of the office.

Has been selected as an office space once, consider the components of objects that fits the inside of the arrangements, and even decorate the walls. Natural and environmental materials, earth-friendly design, especially in today’s stressed, are readily available. Expensive, but elegant and reusable option for companies that will be demolished at the end of another tenant moves in many small offices without having to build new walls to divide an interior that allows the modular glass walls, is.

It is also recommended that companies opting for low-VOC finishes. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. This is not harmful gases emitted into the atmosphere, but they can be dangerous to the health of employees. Fortunately, with a low VOC content and low VOC paint, printing ink, the company is still easy to find art.

What about bathrooms? In the early low-flow toilets and automatic sinks are something to consider when you sign your lease. Paper hand towels instead of the powder can make a huge difference in the amount of waste produced by a company.

While it is possible to turn a desktop into a space of earth-friendly, most companies benefit from professional to support their green vision happen. Hiring an interior architect and designer desk that has experience with green projects is a recommended step if you want to be aware of all the latest options and innovations. There is always a new green solution on the market, and a competent office designer can keep up with the world of green design.

Finally, many business owners are wondering if it is worthwhile to spend more designing a green space. The answer is, absolutely! Not only can a green office, you save money on utilities by using a good online document management system like cuedrive, but taking an earth-friendly approach is impressive to employees and customers. Creating a space that is healthy for people and the environment may help set your business apart from the competition and help you stay true to your values.

Paperless office made easy

Transforming offices from paper-based to paperless is sometimes a difficult undertaking, but it is worthwhile. Going paperless will help you to handle documents with ease. Time used to look for documents will be reduced and also spaces used in the office to store paper documents will be utilized for other uses. A paperless office will make good use of natural resources and therefore, help maintain our environment.

What are the main advantages of a paperless office?

Document storage is made easy

One of the biggest benefits of a paperless office is making storage easy. In a paper-based office, you will have many shelves or boxes to store files. To get a particular document, you will have to go through numerous files to locate what you want. As your business expands, and the paper documents increases you will be forced to look for a bigger office to accommodate the growing number of shelves. On the other hand, when you have a digital document management system installed in your office all of these problems are done away with. This is because all paper documents will be scanned and stored electronically. Electronically stored documents are easy to retrieve and send electronically where they are needed.

Easy to restrict access of confidential documents

Restricting access to confidential documents in paper form is not only difficult but it is expensive. This is because you will be forced to buy expensive safes to store confidential documents or dedicate a particular room for that purpose. In digital document management solution, confidential documents are housed in secure servers where it is easy to decide who has access to which documents. This way, all the confidential documents will remain secure; all chances of the documents falling in the wrong hands are eliminated.

Auditing becomes easy

Auditing is one of the most important undertakings in keeping a company running smoothly. Without an audit, companies will make losses without knowing where the losses are coming from. A digital document management solution will make it easy for a company to keep all its record safe for easy editing. In places where there is strict government policy on record storage, businesses will have an easy time storing and retrieving records for auditing.

Cuts operational costs

Businesses that have paper-based offices are forced to rent big offices and employ many people so that they can assist in filing and retrieving documents when they are needed. Once a business embraces digital document management solutions like that provided by cuedrive, it will only require a small space to operate from. All the employees that used to do the filling will work to improve the services offered by the company hence improving the businesses performance.

Online Document Management System

The Online document management began in 1980’s. Several people started the document management system on hard copies. Later on the management system grew and was then very difficult for people to work on it as in written form. These documents were then printed and published.

Online document management system is about the sharing of the documents through internet no matter where in the world you are. It gives you the solution about how you manage the process of the documents. The management system stores and organizes online and it does not matter where in the world you are sitting. It lets you organize your files, documents and your data through a secure place, through internet.

It only requires an internet connection to access your documents. No need to install any kind of software to access your files that you have stored. As many people as you add to this management system. It is very secure and does not even require any pay-as-you-go for kind of security. Document management system usually provides storage to store any kind of data or documents you made in the form of cloud. The data that you have set up in the form of images or text, for example building of a house, making its structure, joining its pillars and then its formation, all will be stored in this document management system and can be accessed easily through internet without using any kind of software. The rules and regulations that are required are that the company that is running the system is free of bugs and is capable of fixing any kind of bug that walks through to crash the data that is being processed.

If the user wants to make any kind of change in their files or documents that he has worked on and saved, it can be made easily, online at the same time and does not even need to download the whole document again and make changes. It once gets a review and then the changes get an approval. The internet will make sure that the changes are made and are clearly identified. It will make sure that the relevant versions of the documents are available. It will also make sure that the data that you are going to handle through internet is safe and it does not require any type of security to be applied on it if someone else wants to search on your documents. Once you are ready to go paperless, cuedrive is the choice that won’t ever let you down.

Leading Cloud Security by AWS

AWS has come out to be one of the top rated cloud storage services. There are multiple reasons that stand valid once someone is looking for the best cloud storage options. Although there are many free cloud storages available but Amazon Web Services allow for the maximum information security and safety. It has been recognized to be the leader in cloud storage security. The businesses are more concerned with the security of their data as compared with the individuals. This is why they rely on top rated cloud storages and AWS is the one to be selected above doubts.

For the businesses, securing the client information and processing it is the most important task. No business can do away with this requirement. In order to provide for these measurements, the businesses have to apply strict security rules and regulations. This is where AWS can be of great help to the businesses by offering reliable and secure cloud storages where the client can access via professional security checks.

Amazon is not a company unknown to anyone in the world as it continues to expanding its operations over the internet. Every service it provides comes with quality assurance. Cloud storage concept is not new now and Amazon cloud servers are the best in the town. The cloud based structure is available to the service of most of the global countries and Amazon is in continuous development mode in respect of enhancing the safety and the security of their servers.

In order to provide for maximum security Amazon servers follow some state of the art and strict rules to ensure the same. Segmentation in the cloud storage makes it possible to deliver quality security access. Firewalls have also been brought to action using the modern IT tools that enable a good protection against the viruses and other hacking items. Any sort of external intrusion gets detected as soon as it encroaches. The businesses as well as individuals can enjoy the AWS without having to worry about the online security of their info as internationally recognized independent audit agencies have confirmed quality assurance by awarding certifications.

For the businesses that require a complete setup of going online with everything available there on AWS cloud servers, cuedrive is the best option that enables the companies to maximize on their profits by doing away with the local and offline documentation hassles.

Secure Document Shredding Methods

Is that easy for you to manage your whole business working on papers? Well that is common but not much easy. It is money consuming and harmful to your environment. Buying bundles of paper is too costly. You waste lots of money on buying packs of paper. Then, you know that paper is made up of wood and wood is obtained by trees. Trees are essential for human life because they provide us with oxygen. Thus we breathe on this earth because of trees. So by reducing the usage of papers, deforestation will be reduced. This will be beneficial for our environment. So are you looking for another system for managing your business?

Now in this age of technological world, you can go Paperless. You can make your office Paperless by storing the details of your company in PCs, laptops, tablets, palmtops, Smartphones etc. By this you can make your data completely secured. The first step you need to do for making a Paperless Office is, scan all your paper works. Everything that was written on pages must be scanned to soft form. Those data must be converted to Pdf form. In this way, your all the files will be secured and you don’t have to worry about their security.

Now, what about the papers, where the whole information was written? There is another process for those papers. Paper shredding is the most environmental friendly method to deal with your private documents. Papers shredding is performed by a shredding machine. For this you must have to either buy a shredding machine or contact to an office, where paper shredding takes place. Many office shredders shred private documents into moderately large strips which may not provide adequate privacy protection. Some machines also don’t function properly. So before Paper shredding, you need to take a look at many factors of the machine.

By shredding, you can recycle all those papers that are useless, and you can convert them to other products. In this way, papers will not be wasted. They will be used as other products. Large industrial shredders will easily cut staples and paper clips so these do not need to be removed earlier to our collection. A professional shredding service enables private documents to be disposed of in significantly less time. There are several methods for destruction including recycling, shredding or burning of hard copies, disks and microfilm, and electronic data. Sometimes business information is generated on a day to day basis and it needs to be destroyed in an appropriate fashion. So for paper shredding of your documents, you need to contact to a reliable and consistent Paper shredding office.

So, it is time for you to turn your whole office Paperless. Go paperless with cuedrive Paperless Office. Here, you can manage your whole business without any difficulty. You can even store your whole data and don’t need to worry about their security. You can manage all your data in the world’s best Cloud Computing Systems. This Paperless Office solution is efficient. You can access anything, anytime and on any device. You can login safely and there will be no tension of the security of your documents. So let us make the environment Green, by making Paperless Office.

Paperless Offices and Document Security

While managing your whole business work on papers, don’t you get annoyed? Buying loads of paper is too costly. That is not only hectic for you but that will be wasting your money as well. Secondly, you know how papers are made? They are made up of wood and wood is obtained by cutting down of trees. Trees are essential for our living thus; we cannot cut down the trees. So we must avoid the usage of papers. Then, storing the records on papers is easy but securing them is not. When you store them in cupboards, shelves etc. they can be destroyed by certain catastrophes such as, floods, burning etc. Thus storing your records must be reliable.

Now, in this age of technological world, you can keep your office Paperless. You can go paperless by storing all the records on PCs, tablets, laptops, palmtops, Smartphones etc. So going Paperless is very reliable. You can save lots of money because you will not need to buy bundles of paper. Jotting down all the records of your business is a hectic job. You will get rid of this job. Secondly you will be reducing the usage of papers, due to which deforestation will be reduced. Your cabinets, shelves will be less bulky as papers kept there will become less.

Now, the issue of securing your documents will be solved in Paperless Office. You can easily store your documents. There are different Cloud Computings where you can store all your records. Then searching is not difficult. You simply have to type the name of the file you want, and immediately that file will appear on the screen. There are many Cloud Storages that are widely used, such as, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive etc.

For going Paperless, firstly you need to scan all your paper works. For this, you need to use a good and reliable scanner. Once you scan all the documents into your Digital system, you need to decide how to deal with now outmoded paper version. Therefore, you need to plan a safe and secure way to dispose of paper documents without it falling into wrong hands. So it is recommended that you should archive, shred or store the documents. So you need to make sure either the documents are destroyed or archived in a safe and secure way. Thus you will keep your documents completely safe and secure.

You documents and files will be saved in many ways. You can set passwords on private data of your company. The passwords must be long and such difficult that no one could guess it. But it must be such that you could remember.

So now you can easily go Paperless with cuedrive Paperless Office. Here you can manage your whole business easily and you don’t need to worry about the security of the documents. Thus, it is reliable and consistent. It is such efficient that you can easily edit your documents after saving. It also keeps control of the one who access edits. So why running your business by using papers? Let us go Paperless and Green by reducing the usage of paper.

Paperless Office for MAC Users

Why don’t you start a Paperless Office? Aren’t you fed up of papers? First you have to buy bundles of paper in which, lots of money is wasted. Then writing a lot of things about your company is also hectic and tiring. Storage of those packs of paper is not 100% secured. They are usually kept in shelves, cabinets etc. They might be safe from theft but actually the data is not secured. Burning of all the sets of paper, flood can lose your whole data. Paper is actually not good for environment. Well that doesn’t seem but let me tell you the background of the paper. Paper is produced from wood and we get wood from the trees, which are cut down. Trees are the major part of our life, as they produce oxygen for us. Thus paper is not healthy for us.

Now, in this technological world, we can go Paperless. You can make your own business without paper. You can run your business on PCs, laptops, tablets, palmtops, Smartphones etc. Converting your whole business paperless is not a difficult job. The first step is to scan all your paper works to soft form by using a scanner. There are many high quality scanners that can scan your whole documents efficiently. To scan a document in Paperless, put your document into scanner, and then press the SCAN button. After clicking the button, your scan interface will automatically appear and begin scanning your documents.

Going Paperless for MAC users is not complicated and tiring. MAC users have to download OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. It is a tool that will dig out only the words from the scan. It can automatically make your PDFs searchable. It can also covert your scanner documents into plain-text, which is then ready for you to paste into Word or Pages to recreate the scanned file. If you can’t afford, you scanned images searchable.

Now after, scanning files you have to store the scanned documents. MAC users can store the files in external storage solution. External storage devices are easily available in suitable costs. You can even store them in Cloud Solutions like Dolly drive, Dropbox etc. In Cloud Storage Solutions, you can easily store all your documents with complete security. You don’t need to worry about the security, they will be 100% secured. You can easily create password on any file, to keep it secure. The password must be such, that it must be long and complicated. Only you must remember the password and it must be secret. In this way, no one will be able to look at your business private documents. After scanning the documents, you can shred the papers.

So now, it is time to go Paperless with cuedrive Paperless Office. Here you can manage your whole business easily. You can store all your documents and keep them secure. MAC users can also easily run their office with this Paperless office. The Cloud Storage, which is available at cuedrive is one of the best in town. You can keep many files you want. It is efficient that you can edit the saved files, and send them on time. Searching the documents is also easy. So let us keep the environment Green by making our offices Paperless.

Opportunity Cost of Setting up a Paperless Office

Running your office with lots of paper has become a conventional and old method. It is not supported by many people nowadays. Opposition of Paper has become common everywhere. Why people don’t like to use Paper? First, buying bundles of paper has become costly. So why wasting lots of money when you have an alternate method. Then securing your company data on paper is not 100% secure. You can put your files inside the cupboard and lock them. It might be secured from theft but not from the destruction. Burning of your data or floods can totally destroy your company’s data and your effort for writing down the records will go nowhere. Paper is not good for our environment. Paper is made up of wood and wood is obtained from the trees; that are essential for human life. So cutting down trees is harmful. So let us go to an alternative method for managing your business.

Now you can set up your Paperless Office. Yes, now in this technological age, you can run your whole business without paper. You can run your business by using PCs, laptops, palmtops, tablets, Smartphones etc. This will not only save lots of money, but it will also make a healthy environment. Even if you already have your business with papers and papers, still you have a chance to turn your business Paperless. The first thing to make your office Paperless is scanning. You have to collect all your previous paper works, and then scan the documents. You have to use a reliable and a good quality scanner. Fujitsu is a good example of the scanner.

Storing your documents by in a Paperless Office is not an issue. You can store your documents in external hard drives. Backing up your files is an easy task and you will not have any difficulty in storing the documents in a backup storage. Securing those documents is very easy. You can even store your documents in Cloud Storage such as Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive etc. You can also put password on the documents you are using. The password must be such complicated that it must not be guessed by anyone. It must only be known and remember by you. If you want to search any specific file, you don’t need to keep searching a specific file you want, in many of the files. You can just type the name of the file, and that file will immediately come to your screen. That is one of the major advantages in going Paperless.

So don’t you think that we are making the environment unhealthy, by buying and using packs of paper? When we will stop buying paper, cutting down of trees will be reduced, and this will make our earth Greener. So let us go Paperless with cuedrive Paperless Office. Here you can easily manage your whole business. You can store all your files without worrying about its security. It works on one of the best Cloud Storage systems, where you can keep your files in a secure backup. It is efficient. Searching a specific file is very easy. So don’t you think we must save money and make the environment Greener? So let us make our offices Paperless, and make our environment Greener.