Online Management Document Software

There are different reasons why most people are unable to choose the right document for their online files. A research was conducted so that our clients will be able to choose what they need. However, below are some of the best documents and where they are best categorized.

  • Someone who owns a small business needs to have This is because it has everything he will need. Moreover it has no limit as it can be used in other corporations. It does not require specific types of computers. Neither does it require any infrastructure to host it. The best part is that it is a self hosted document management system which can be incorporated in windows or Mac. Furthermore, it will work efficiently with a cloud based solution which neither requires neither a server installation nor any maintenance. It is impressive that either option one chooses it will work proficiently or its features are the same in both options. It is simple to use and has remarkable customer service.
  • Someone who wants to own a document management system is relying heavily on a budget needs to have Dokmee online. It is because it is sold at an extremely relative price. It provides 5 different plans one can choose from to conduct business with. Moreover it offers one for free to its clients. The rest four plans either differ from amount of their online storage or the ready support. Its price ranges from around $ 20 – $90. However, this is for only one computer user. In addition, if one has additional users then he must pay$10 for each user. It offers quality services suitable for small businesses. Its services include simple mobile access; it has tight but secure restrictions. You can understand its filling structure very easily.
  • A person who works with Windows system mostly then needs to have Filehold. This is because it is self hosted software which is more attracting particularly for window users. The reason behind its attracting nature is because it is designed in a way one has used before. Its designs resembles that of windows explorer, consequently it makes it easy for you to grasp how to use it. Furthermore it is easy to file your online files as well as search for them. Moreover it includes all the features you would want for your business to have. It has variety of tools moreover; you can remotely access its options.

All of the above listed software are good but they still have loopholes that need be addressed. For a safer and more secure online document management, a reliable platform like cuedrive is the right choice.

Online paperless offices for small businesses

These days there is a great deal of weight on organizations, little organizations and ventures alike, to take a stab at a totally ‘paperless office’ and it’s straightforward why. The news is soaked with any semblance of government bodies pushing for ‘advanced naturally’ and aides like WRAP’s Green Office prompting on best practice. However, as a general rule, just 1 for each penny of EU organizations has really accomplished a paperless office. While society is pushing for a perfect activity, it’s unmistakably not conveying perfect results. So what’s turning out badly?

Basically, it’s the way we comprehend ‘paperless’. We’ve been coincidentally tricked into feeling that it’s anything but difficult to receive a paperless office, however in the event that it is really at all feasible, it will be accomplished by those organizations who have the assets, time ,tolerance to make an idiot confirmation methodology. In any case, what little business would truly claim to have these going extra? Going absolutely paperless is a perplexing and overwhelming undertaking – it requires some serious energy, exertion, vital thought and a genuine movement in the way of life of business organization. Much of the time this is unlikely, particularly in an organization that is simply beginning.

Today’s way of life moving towards supportable living and green figuring – and when one evaluates the expense and inefficiencies of paper – the paperless office begins to look more alluring than any other time in recent memory. Here are only a few illustrations which add to immoderate and wasteful record administration:

  • By and large an archive is duplicated 9 to 11 times – in the event that you reproduce 11 duplicates times a huge number of pages created day by day, the paper heaps truly stack up.
  • Paper report documenting expenses normal $20 per duplicate –filing expenses increment in coupled with developing heaps of paper – that signifies a noteworthy cost rapidly
  • Expansive associations lose an archive at regular intervals, costing organizations between $350 to $700 a piece to recap

Interestingly, here are a couple advantages of electronic records:

  • They don’t consume up physical room in light of the fact that they are put away on a server.
  • You can find an electronic archive rapidly through a record seek
  • Electronic archives are shared electronically by means of email, shared servers, posted on sites, or different means – which streamlines record work process.
  • Printing is still a choice with electronic substance
  • Security is a great deal more enforceable with electronic archives than paper

These advantages decipher into a more effective report work process, which implies less time squandered, more cost reserve funds and less requirement for physical storage room. To the extent ecological stewardship is concerned, it interprets into less paper waste and less requirement for deforestation. Check out cuedrive for everything you need to setup a paperless office.

Given these advantages and the chance to relieve your natural effect, there’s no motivation to hold up any more – the ideal opportunity for the Paperless Office is now.

The best features of an Online Document Management System

­­­­Years before now, it was obvious that handling paper document is very difficult but finally coming across this giant innovation in the technology industry is amazing, it is a great pleasure to introduce to you the Document Management Software. Beginning in the 1980’s most software vendors decided to start developing software to manage the paper-based document. This was a step in the right direction and this set of innovators will be happy to see what the industry have made out of their invention. With time the name of this software have changed from content management systems to enterprise content management (ECM) and also called digital asset management, document imaging, workflow and records management systems until it arrived at its present name which is Document Management System, short form DMS.

Enough history said, lets talk of the uses of this software. What the founders of this software had in mind when creating it was mostly to reduce the use of papers in our documentation process. But now the industry have magnified the goal and made it a reality let me highlight the main functions of this software.

CLOUD STORAGE: This feature makes your document easily accessible anywhere, anytime after saving it.

DOCUMENT IMAGING: This feature allows you to add images or graph to your document making it perfect for your use perhaps for presentation, teaching in class and others.

ADDING DOCUMENT FROM EXTERNAL SOURCE: Documents from other sources can be added to your available document so you can get all you need in one place.

PDF CONVERSION: Your document can easily be converted to pdf format and with this your can make an e-book of your own

MULTI USER ACCESS: This enables different people get access to document. Example a group of student working on one assignment need not be together. By simply using this software, each student can post their suggestions and solution to problems and finally the assignment can also be viewed for marks by the lecturer with the use of multi user.

INTEGRATION WITH EMAIL, MOBILE DEVICES: This enables users to directly send documents to email without the use of browsers and documents can also be accessed using mobile phones.

CAN BE USED ON ANY OPERATING SYSTEM: would it not be limited if this software can work with only one operating system, but that wasn’t the reason for it, that is why this software can work with all operating system.

From the above few features, it is quite obvious that everyone needs this software, teachers and students, doctors and patients, lawyers and clients, athletes and their agents, shopkeeper, film writer so on and most importantly anyone who works in an office and cuedrive serves to all of them by offering quality services to setup and run a green office.

Why cloud storage solves online document security problems?

Floating all around the world in a cloud makes us believe that dream has come to life. And yes that is the case, where everything has become virtually available, why not let our document management system to be of the same kind. With each passing day, things are becoming prone to technological world. And Cloud storage helps in connecting and storing the data virtually without using much of the physicals. Dreaming of having our files stored online is now reality. But at the same time the biggest question that pops up is usually of the security. Will the data be in the safe hands? Will they assure us of not sharing our information with other giants? Will it be present there till the time we ask for it?

In olden days, when hard drives used to be the only medium for storing the documents, security threats used to lie there side by side. Your data is not yours anymore, just in case it gets broken, stolen or anything like that.

With the cloud storage facility, at least your online documentation security problems minimize. Hosting a file, sharing it and having its remote data backup available, ease of having as much storage space as one wants with the up gradation option, getting the data encrypted during transmission and at rest too, ensuring that files cannot be accessed by any unauthorized users, is what cloud storage service promises .Accessing the data from anywhere via internet, provision of a backup plan in case of emergency by having copies of your important files available virtually along with cost savings is what company also gets , if it revolves in this cloud.

But as everything has its pros and cons, so as cloud storage has. As to date, none of the service providers guarantees anyone to have his documents available on their systems if the expiration date ends. None of them will stop the agencies from not scanning your data, if the cloud service provider comes in suspension of having anything done illegal. And I know, not a single person would want his data to be shared or deleted without his intervention .So, efficiency in making the bills paid on time and selecting the reliable legal service provider also counts, otherwise risk is yours.

Plunging into the world of clouds is not anything brainy or has got any science but choosing the right service is what counts and cuedrive is quite trusted with quality ensured.

Getting your office cleaned up ……

Have someone ever thought of making his office neat and clean without any dust and excess paper being mingling around here and their? Have a businessman ever thought of financial saving he can make by just putting his documents to Cloud and Drop Box? If not then it is the time to start thinking right now for the world is changing and everyone needs to do it too not only for saving space but saving their money.

First of all one don’t needs those papers to write on again and again. Enough of these creepy pages you had to write on for a very long time .Now one can enter his data in word and can save it in his Personal computer or any drive he wants. No one needs to buy those long roof touching cupboards for having his data organized and placed in different shelves as now one can have his data written and saved in his hard disk in directory and files of his choice.

Are you afraid of robbers and thieves snatching your precious data from you and for that you need a guard to pay? Not at all .Now your data is saved with every single file password protected and locked with the software of your choice so you don’t need to pay Security guards any more.

All too often we need to get a print of a file to discover that the very last page just has a web address at the bottom, and the other printable space is lost. Green Print and EcoPrint2 are the two best software utilities that can easily identify the areas of waste in our printing, alarm the content writer of possible wasted space, and can prescribe how to get rid of it. The user can easily then make decision whether to accept or reject the program recommendations even before printing. According to Green print they are saving the business owners around 16-19 % on the printing of materials and around $100 USD annually per person working in their office.

Often having conversation about solar energy systems being expensive, and aren’t usually practical in deploying depending on the office layout, location and setup. But you can easily drive some long lasting savings from your one time investment, and many countries are now offering incentives (like rebates and the allowance to sell that excess solar energy you are making to the power company) for solar energy utilizers. That can prove to be Profitable too!

So what you people are waiting for? Just move your arms and legs and start these steps for every single step you take you are heading for additive benefit of positive financial impact by using online document management system of cuedrive to go green.

The Revolution in the world of data sharing

When we look back into past we can notice the changes very well. There was a time when letters were used as a mode of communication and cassettes were used to listen to music. Today, we live in the world of technology. The more we advance, the more we need storage of data. A few years back, the storage of data used to be unreliable and used to acquire lots of space and time. From songs to à official data we need to get it store in efficient way. Cloud storage helps in connecting and storing the data virtually without using much of the physicals. Dreaming of having our files stored online is now reality. But at the same time the biggest question that pops up is usually of the security.
When people entered in age of technology they found some efficient way for data storage.

It became easy for people to transfer, share and protect data very easily. They used to store data in CDs, floppies, hard disks. Nowadays “cloud storage” is playing role of revolutionary data storage system. It stores digital data.

If we see the advantages of it-

  • Easy to use
  • Advanced in data storage
  • Efficient and time consuming
  • Allow the access of info anywhere any time
  • Good for data sharing
  • Many user can edit document from anywhere.

if we see disadvantages of cloud storage of documents-

  • Issue of privacy
  • Issue of security

because in cloud storage the data is shared at may location so there can be risk with the privacy and security of data.

There are some apps that can be uses for cloud document storage-

  • Otixo
  • Hojoki
  • Good syc
  • Cloud fuse
  • Bottom line

You can opt for cloud storage app according to your need. They are available both for PC’s and smart phones. It can be marvelous for data sharing in project to be done in the group. Sharing of data was never this much efficient and easy.

Moreover multiple users can edit data of document basically it is good for group project but for confidential data it is not advisable because of security risks. User should choose according to need and privacy concern and this is where cuedrive is the right choice.

As like as other technology cloud storage of document also have some pro’s and con’s but there nothing to doubt on its abilities it proves to be revolutionary in the field of technology of data storage.

Security tools for proper online office setup

With the augment in threatening viruses to lurking hackers, network safety has become the most significant thing to consider whilst designing a network system. Even the most classy internet users are not able to conquer from these problems. A standard internet user can invite thousands of viruses in addition to worms in his personal computer by one small error. A Larger system is found to be most susceptible because of significant information lying behind the scene. Targeted equipment is monitored every second so as to find a loophole in the security. Consequently, it is suggested to use the security countermeasures so as to protect the system from exploit.

Several free network security tools are obtainable on the internet to aid the users. It helps to defend the system from further exploit as well as the exploits that are by now been started. Since the hackers follow step by step approach to a PC system, they can be caught red handed while trespassing the security scheme. There are diverse ways by which a hacker could get control of your PC system or else even the whole network. It might lead to loss of essential and confidential info. The worst state arises when a network system is down while it is supposed to work. It is of no advantage to hacker, however, still they use to practice this for excitement.

Free network security tools present a basic range of test to ensure the system constancy. You can upgrade them as said by your convenience. If you are eager to conduct security audits, then it will price according to the level of security you wish. As free network security tools have a restricted approach, you might require to deploy more reliable security tools after paying a reasonable price.

In order to use the free network security tool you will have to register with the program. This would provide you access to tools which could find vulnerabilities in your system and countermeasures to reduce them. Several companies offer the access to these free network security tool with no registration also. You could check the susceptibility of the system by free audits held by numerous network security consultancy service. When it is time to upgrade your system’s safety you will have to pay a little price to access the superior security tools as well as audits. This price would be cost effective and it will offer a more secure computer system with less susceptibility to attacks.

But when you put to use cuedrive for your paperless office solutions, you don’t have to worry about even a single issue as it does all for you.

AWS amazon server security for online document storage

Many small in addition to mid level companies for hosting their web sites avail cloud computing hosting. Running the web site on the cloud lower the expenses and availability with time in addition to the resources required can as well be increased easily. Amazon web services (AWS) has confirmed to be helpful in lowering the invest for web hosting, as recourses are being shared among different users.

Advantages of AWS Hosting

  • Replacing instances could be commissioned rapidly and predictably, which makes Web Amazon service is an extremely reliable application. Amazon has their possess data centers and network service. The availability for each Amazon region is 99.95%.
  • Cloud Amazon computing is extremely flexible since it provides choice to the user for OS, development platform as well as a content management system (CMS). The advance service let the user to choose configuration of memory, CPU, instance storage, as well as the boot partition dimension that is best for their choice of operating system as well as application.
  • AWS provides the root entrée which allow users to interact the scheme. One can easily reboot the instance if after retaining data in addition to have the control over the console output.
  • Security is a significant aspect and therefore, AWS works with Amazon VPC to offer robust networking aspect and high protection for clientele resources.
  • Amazon virtual private cloud is a logically isolated segment in AWS. Desired IP address range could be selected by clientele as they control the VPC. With this IP address variety, they can generate subnets and configure route table and network gateways.
  • Network config is customizable as stated by your requirements. Moreover, among their corporate data center in addition to VPC users, one can simply create the Hardware Virtual Private Network (VPN) link.
  • Elasticity lets user to upgrade and release capability in minutes. Commission of server instances is restricted by web service APIs, owing to which the web application balance automatically up and down depending upon needs.
  • Amazon offer Simple Notification Service (SNS) that could be used to set up, function, and send messages, alerts in addition to other useful info easily from the cloud. Developers can simply publish messages from a web application which could be conveyed to subscribers or else other application in seconds. This is an extremely scalable, flexible, in addition to cost-effective way of communication. It lets developer to decide protocol using which they desire to deliver messages to the customers and other applications. The online document management by cuedrive is secure and safe as it uses the AWS.

Origin of paperless documentation

As amazing as it seems, the idea of transmitting images over wire come into being previous to the Pony Express. Alexander Bain filed the first patent for picture transmission by wire in 1843, several 17 years before the first Pony Express deliverance in 1860. Bain’s idea was recognized by the ending of the Civil War. By 1865, imagery were being transmitted above telegraph lines. (And the Pony Express had been obsolete for three years.)

A century later on, the Xerox Magnafax Telecopier might connect to any telephone line as well as transmit bi-level imagery. (A bi-level image is an electronic picture in which each image element is characterized by only one bit, which could be either on or off.) inside two decades, many trades about the world had adopted facsimile machinery – the fax machine – in to their daily practice.

As populace have embraced the Internet in addition to personal computer for both industry and home use, the fax machine has waned rather in popularity. Today, paper transmission could be done via e-mails, a Website, a wireless personal digital aide or a cell phone yet. But the much-expected “paperless office” is still a myth in current practice. (Formerly, this “paperless workplace” was seen as a perfect world wherever the requirement for paper considerably reduced as electronic communication and documents augmented. Yet the realism is that the use of paper copy of the documents has extended even as the use of electronic text media is being accepted into business. In a diversity of studies, counting Sellen and Harper’s The Myth of the Paperless workplace, Web use in addition to e-mail use are both revealed to substantially augment the quantity of paper used in an office.)

As the quantity of electronic documents increase, so does the require to optimize electronic text files for broadcast speed and the least storage space likely. Scanned books in addition to manuals require to be accessed and manipulate easily. Checks and lawful documents should be accurately stored, in addition to filed electronically, and accessible for easy and instant retrieval. As suitable, digital media have to be prepared for Web and LAN-based broadcast and display. Check out online document tools by cuedrive to check how you can go paperless.

There is a quantity of file formats accessible for document broadcast and storage, some more competent than others. In the pages that pursue, you’ll see why file format create a difference – and why JBIG2 is being herald as an advance format.

Cloud Computing and Green Office Solutions

What is the cloud? Where can I see the cloud? These are all the questions you’ve probably heard people around you buzzing about and it is quite possible that you yourself also don’t know what it is and must have given a thought to it .The term “cloud computing” is everywhere and the idea of your information getting stored in the cloud sounds ridiculous to all of us and the pictures of real clouds around the articles of cloud computing only increase your confusion.

In the common mans terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive or as the IT people like to define it as” the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer”.

What cloud computing is not what’s stored on your physical storage devices such as hard drives or pen drives and many others, but what is stored on the servers on the web. Now the idea of someone storing information for you may sound fun because you don’t have to waste your precious space on your device, but it is a necessity for many companies that have client/server applications, simply think of any social media platform .If you ever managed to lose your phone or laptop. To be considered “cloud computing,” you need to access your data or your programs over the Internet, or at the very least, have that data accessible with other information over the Web .If you ever used any mail or chat application you may have noticed that your information is accessible to you worldwide as long as you enter the correct ID and password, now if you give this a thought this information wasn’t stored in your local server or physical storage ,but this was stored on the cloud, that’s why for layman’s term I may call it as an unlimited storage capacity hard drive that does not require any wires or physical means to be accessed and store the information on which further can be accessed by you worldwide.

Cloud Computing comes with its fare share of advantages such as fast implementation, no-upfront costs, Maintenance Free, Access Anywhere, Better Security, Instant Scalability and much more and that the exact reason why you will see a boom in the number of internet based start-up around the world.

Giants such as Amazon and Google and many more have invested to make their servers fast, reliable and safe. They even offer these services to people to connect their applications back-end to their servers for a small amount of fee, now I am saying small amount of fee because making your own servers and maintaining them can be a very costly affair.

To make cloud computing case even stronger I would like to tell you that, cloud computing is already a big business: The market was already generating $100 billion a year in 2012. It could be $270 billion by the year 2020 according to analysis and it is further only expected to grow because of the Iot-Internet of Things devices that are expected to flood the market in the near future. Online document management system by cuedrive can help you go faster with cloud computing.