Android Tablets Vs IPads

Changing technology and the need for fast-paced communication have become the need of the hour. Simultaneously the need for gadgets has also increased. Two gadgets, which have made a great impact on our lives, are the tablets and Ipads. The discussion between which one is the best device never ends. There has been continuous comparison done between both the devices. Each one of them offers a great value and unique experiences to the users. Wondering how do these devices help businesses? Changing times and need for environmentally friendly policies have driven big organizations and small businesses towards adopting better methods and techniques. The latest one is being adopted a paperless documentation management system instead of paper based documentation system.

The paperless documentation management system offers great benefits to the organization in terms of cost, time and efficiency. How does the use of technology affect the use of paperless documentation management system? The paperless documentation management system requires a lot of technological backdrop to help it run smoothly. Servers; devices, Internet connections and many more things act as channels, which support paperless documentation management systems.

When we talk about devices supporting the paperless documentation management system, the most used ones are the iPads and tablets. Both the devices are unique and offer great benefits while managing a documentation management system. Ipads and tablets look similar, but the difference comes out in terms of support and usability.

IPads had arrived much earlier than their counterparts the tablets had. Slim, innovative, lightweight, and powerful, the iPad has been quickly moving out of the sphere of home and personal use into businesses. The flat surface of the iPad makes it easier to use. However, a drawback with using Ipads is that they are based on a Mac and do not support some of the applications. An iPad is mostly compatible with Mac based applications, making it difficult to use other applications available.

On the other hand, the tablets mainly run on android applications. There are millions and millions of applications available on the Android app store. Android-based tablets can easily support a wide variety of operations that are required to efficiently run a paperless documentation management system. Android-based tablets are more compatible with daily use applications like the Word, power point and excel format files compared to iPads making them much more useful. Important products like the adobe ones are not available on the iPads making it difficult for the users to access the documents on an iPad.

The cuedrive is paperless documentation system applications, which are both available on Google play. The cuedrive’s aim is to protect your files and enable you to access them from anywhere at any time. According to list of comparison cuedrive application is supported and compatible on an android-based tablet than an ipad. Opting for an Android tablet is a much better and safer bet to run a paperless documentation system effectively.

Microsoft Suite – An Exended Hand

Companies for being competitive and environmentally friendly have switched to paperless documentation systems. For supporting a paperless documentation system, there are a number of technological products and applications needed. Servers, devices, Internet and many more things. A paperless documentation system needs online servers and application to support its use.

The paperless documentation system offers benefits of cost, time and energy saving. For using a paperless documentation system, devices like Ipads and tablets have become very popular. A paperless documentation system is a compilation of files and documents, which can be viewed online without the use of any paper.

Taking a step ahead corporate giant Microsoft has introduced Microsoft suite to take care of the documentation needs. The Microsoft suite launched in the markets is an inevitable part of any business functioning. The suite contains applications like the word, powerpoint, excel, access and many more. These applications are a basic part of everyday functioning. Earlier these applications were only available on the windows platform and not the tables making it difficult to read, write and make changes in the documents.

A paperless documentation system completely depends on files and documents. It achieves its main purpose when we the documents are available on the run. The arrival of tablets had made this distant dream true, but unavailability of the Microsoft suite had made things difficult. With the advent of Microsoft suite application for tablets and ipads, paperless documentation system has seen mark improvements. The Microsoft suite had always been available for laptops, but managing and carrying a laptop has never been an easy and comfortable task.

With the help of Microsoft suite applications, the paperless documentation system has been made more efficient and effective. Like you gets access to emails, wherever you are. You can never by chance miss a meeting or update from the office with the help of outlook configured on your tablet or Ipad. Going for a quick meeting with the client, create compelling presentations with fantastic themes in just a few seconds to crack the deal. Impress with your knowledge and skill in Excel by drawing graphical conclusions. Middle of a deal, wish to make some quick changes in the contract convert your PDF files into word files in just a few seconds. All these minor changes have been made possible by the introduction of the Microsoft suite for tablets. The Microsoft suite being available on the tablets gives businesses complete flexibility and convinces with ease.

The cuedrive is a paperless documentation system for small businesses, which aims at making documents available to the business users around the clock. The cuedrive offers online storage solutions to consumers and businesses directly via our website and through several thousand small businesses. Making it much easier and flexible for the business to function on the systems.

Paperless Documentation: A Helping Hand to Small Businesses

With changing times, the need for faster and reliable communication has also increased. Free your

business from bundles of papers and filling troubles. The arrival of great technologies has made a

distant dream of paperless documentation systems an achievable one for small business organizations.

A paperless business is a great thought, but still has many challenges ahead. Adopting a paperless

documentation system not only is a great help to the environment, but also in maintaining the

business. Thinking how does going paperless help the business. There are numerous ways from which

small business can reap great benefits by adopting a paperless documentation system.

Image Building:

Most of the small business does not pay much heed to the aspect of Image building. However,

adopting a paperless documentation system can help you improve your company’s image in the

minds of consumers, investors and other related parties. Wondering how, adopting a paperless

documentation system means making an environmentally friendly decision and saving the planet.

Such companies by saving the planet are undertaking measures as corporate social responsibility,

which builds up the confidence of the consumers and related parties towards the company and its

policies building its brand image.

Cost Reduction:

Did you ever calculate the amount of paper, ink and stationery used in maintaining a paper based

documentation system? Also later on maintaining the whole system. Once you start considering the

spacing and cost required to maintain the whole system a paperless documentation system can look

like a great resort. Switching to a paperless documentation system can bring out significant changes in

your total costs.

Easy access:

Managing your papers when in a meeting or on the run can be a great hassle. Last minute changes in

papers can be a very difficult thing. Using a paperless documentation system you can have access to

the all the required documents as a when required.

Improve Efficiency:

It can be lingering and tiresome task to work through years of papers and documents stored in filing

cabinets to look for the information you need. Adopting a paperless documentation system can help

you to reduce the chance of errors and rescue data faster. A paperless documentation system makes

it much easier to search through records, respond to customer requests anywhere. All your data are

available in hand for you to make suitable changes and decisions even when you are on the run or the

middle of a business deal. The Paperless documentation system will save time as well as the efforts of

the employees.

Switching to a paperless documentation is system is not only a great idea for small business in terms

of saving the cost and time. However, it also helps to make the processes faster and streamlined. With

a paperless documentation system, a business can have all the needed documents available anytime

and anywhere. As we, all know time is money and what a paperless documentation system is both

saving time and money.

iPad User Security Threats – Get Protected

The iPad has become a commercial smash hit leading the market to overtake Microsoft in market

cap and popularity. If you’ve purchased an iPad, you most likely did so as you love the design

and style, all of the features that it offers and because it’s been the must have tool of the year.

Many users believe that Apple equipment is immune towards security issues that plague Adobe,

Microsoft and other large software corporations. If you are one of these individuals, continue

reading to make certain you’ve a better picture of the actual risks facing iPads. All things

considered, awareness is the first step to making good change. What is one of the most serious

security risks that you should know of as a good iPad owner or even perspective customer?

Listed below are some risks to contemplate:

Theft – The actual devices cost 500$ or over and are appealing (that’s why you purchased one).

Those same factors also make sure they are appealing to thieves who’ll see your iPad as being a

tempting steal should they have a chance. The same actual security tips that are used for laptops

apply here. Keep your eyes on them always and do not necessarily leave them unattended in

public places even for a second.

Data Loss – Unless you back your ipad up, you risk losing all the data on your device. There is

information syncing options with iTunes that will make back up easy and so you have no excuses

never to protect your files.

Snooping – The iPad isn’t going to require a security code to utilize it, so until you set one

up, you risk unauthorized individuals accessing crucial computer data if you get away from it


Zero Day Vulnerabilities — Apple devices have reached critical mass and so they will have the

total attention of cyberpunks and malware writers. It is merely a matter of time before serious

zero day vulnerabilities are discovered that will require Apple to consider aggressive action

simply by issuing quick patches to defend their customers.

Malware via Internet Surfing – Just like when you use a normal pc, Internet browsing is probably

the most typical attack vectors to expose security malware to unsuspecting users. You ought to

configure your browser to help protect you against these online threats.

Don’t store any sensitive data on the device. Actually we don’t store anything more, apart from

the particular login username; this also is just if your app user chooses just to save this for

simplicity of future login. Citigroup noted a protection flaw in its iphone app in September 2010.

The problem: these were storing sensitive information on the device.

Look for a jailbroken device. If a device is jailbroken, you’ll be able to gain full entry (root

access) to help unlock all highlights of the said operating-system, thereby removing restrictions

imposed by Apple mackintosh. This means a hacker could get at the apps and the data on the

device. They could even manage to decrypt your program and figure out the logic, verbal

exchanges endpoints, and more.

Now that you have a better sense of risks ipad tablet users face, you should take the next step and

review iPad security ways to get secure.

Paperless Helping Company’s Functioning

With the changing times and need for faster communication channels, the need for improved systems

has also arised. Documentation is a major part and an integral part, which a company has to care

of. Using a paper-based system can be full of hassle and difficult to manage for the organizations.

Switching to paperless document systems can be a great relief for the organizations and its members.

There are numerous benefits of adopting a paperless documentation system.

There are a number of important processes that have to be handy with the employees and the staff

people all the time. A paperless documentation system helps you take control of all of these things

anytime and anywhere you are.

Talking about emergency documentation, MSDS, emergency procedures easy electronic access.

These are very crucial documents which should be available handy all the time with employees. A

paperless documentation system helps you to keep these documents on your phones or tablets ready

for viewing all the time. Keeping emergency documentation on your phones and tablets can save you

from a lot of stress. Getting clear instruction on the material safety data sheets, what materials are in

store? What things should be kept in mind for taking care of these things? There is a possibility of

missing or changing some documents at the last moment, when you are in a meeting or sales call. A

paperless documentation system is all you need.

Training and related material is very important documents for each organization. These are the

building blocks of how activities and process are to be undertaken and streamlined in an organization.

Keeping these documents handy with the use of paperless documentation system can help you largely.

These documents can act as a bible for employees to undertake a number of works at an organization.

It can be of great help to new employees joining.

How does paperless on boarding sound on the first day? Things like these have been mad possible

with the help of a paperless documentation system. Using paperless document management system

can make onbaording much simpler and hassle free. Activities tracking, collection and storage of all

onboarding forms, data collection, storage, online delivery, and document management can be made

much easier. Using the system also reduces the chance of errors, saves money and time. A paperless

documentation system decreases the chances of data duplicity and redundancy.

Keeping track of inter company chat between network devices is a unique way of monitoring the

employees and their approach towards the consumers and related parties. These chats can be for

surveillance and monitoring performance. Keeping track of inter-company chat between network

devices can also help to record and evidence the details discussed regarding a project or service.

The cuedrive, an efficient paperless documentation management system, which takes care of all the

process running in the organization. The document management system helps to make the processes

faster, reliable and streamlined. The cuedrive also makes significant reduction in the cost and time saving

aspects of a paperless documentation system.

Android Security and Feasibility for using a Paperless Documentation system

With changing technology, and improved communication channels, systems and process have improved largely. The current technological buzz tool in the markets is the android tablets. Now you must be wondering what the android has to do with a paperless documentation system. Companies around the world are now looking for technologies, which can improve and make their systems more streamlined and efficient. With the arrival of paperless documentation systems, things have become much streamlined and improved. However, with the arrival of the paperless documentation system, a need for a platform which can support the whole system efficiently. Android platform is a name, which we all are well aware of. Thanks to the efficient android systems, one can gain access to the documents and files on the run also. The android platform makes the use of a paperless documentation system much easier.

The use of tablets for documentation saves you from the shuffling around with important papers in a briefcase. Android tablets make it document handling much easier. Using a paperless documentation system on your android tablets makes you completely mobile. However, a major concern lies with the security of the android tablets. Android tablets offer you a large range of apps such as drop box, ever note and many more, which are safer and easier to manage your paperless documentation system.

With improving technologies, the threats have also increased. A major threat for using android-based platforms for paperless documentation system is security. A loophole in the security systems can do a great damage to the data security and internal information. Viruses, attacks, malware, phone numbers being stolen, backup, restore, solar flares wiping out the communications grids and so on. These are some issues that have to be handled efficiently before using an android platform for a paperless documentation system. However, with improving trends and need for securing data different applications and security measures have been discovered. Use of secured servers for the data management also makes a significant impact on the security levels.

Security of Android tablets for the running a paperless documentation system, brings a challenge of dealing with threats of data misuse and confidentiality. Using the documentation system on the android phones or tablets also creates a high risk of files being attacked by malware and virus. Such risks can also result in the loss of files and data stored over the servers. However, using an antivirus and anti malware security system can deal with the issue to a great extent.

Therefore, how does cuedrive work! The cuedrive is a paperless document management system, which works on the concept of reliability, flexibility and security. The cuedrive app is found on all the android platforms. Along with using android app, the cuedrive data storage works on the most secure Amazon servers reducing the chances of data loss and misuse. Switching to an android based cuedrive app will not only reduce the security risks but also will make processes much faster.

Why are Amazon servers prefered for paperless documentation?

In the changing times, account security and server security have gained a lot of importance

over the years. Securing computers, transactions and documentation on the servers has

been a great challenge for the organization across the globe. Therefore, how does take up a

secured server help in maintaining a paperless document management system. For most of

us, unaware of a paperless documentation system it is a digital way of storing documents and

files on secure servers.

It means that only the authorized users can access documents, the digital systems make it

safer than the traditional document systems.So, now the question arises on the role of secured

servers in a paperless document management system. Therefore, how to choose the most

secured server. There are a number of server companies in the market like HP, IBM, Apple,

solarwinds and many more. However, the top on our list is Amazon servers.

Therefore, what makes Amazon servers so popular the answer lies in the fact that the

Amazon S3 servers are reliable, highly scalable and low-latency data storage? Another

benefit of choosing an Amazon server offers a well-designed infrastructure at very low costs.

What about the security aspect, which is the most critical concern for all of us. Amazon

servers just take the proper care of it. The first and foremost thing that an AWS (Amazon web

server) takes care is password brute-force detection & Distributed denial of service (DDoS)


The secure access feature is also incorporated in the AWS, where the customer end points

can only establish a link with Amazon servers using SSL.The built-in firewalls also are a

great way to grant access,what documents and file needs to completely public and some to be

completely private. You can also take charge of the levels of access you wish to grant to the

team with the AWES Identity and Access Management (IAM) tool allows you to manage the

access level in the AWS infrastructure services.

In addition, if you need extra security, you can use our encryption libraries to encrypt data

before saving it on the Amazon S3.You can also use the Server Side Encryption feature

provided by Amazon S3 to encrypt data stored in Amazon S3 that could also manage levels

of security access and the number of users.

In terms of data protection and reliability, the Amazon servers are able to provide 99.99%

reliability, which means 0.01% chances of data loss. Amazon S3 takes great measures

of ensuring Data protection, with a great blend of cyclic redundancy checks (CRCs) and

Content-MD5 checksums to detect data corruption.

At cuedrive, our major concern is to ensure top-level data handling and security, so for this

we use the best and reliable services for server management to keep your data off bay from

any threats and mismanagement. The cuedrive works on the secured Amazon servers making

sure that we offer our clients with the best services and security. Switching to cuedrive

paperless document management system not only offers cost savings, reliability and easy

handling, but also ensures complete data protection.