Offline office to Green Office

Green Office is suited to offices – both large and small – in private companies, the public sector and other organizations. Even small actions can make a difference, if enough people are involved.

Office premises hold a key position in energy consumption and in sustainable solutions. Green Office motivates office staff to act in an environmentally friendly way with regard to everyday tasks, and improves environmental awareness and brings cost savings. The scheme will benefit both the Sign a contract

Enter a collaboration agreement with WWF.  The admission fee is charged after signing the contract. After the contract has been formalized, the organization will receive login information to the Green Office network extranet, Compass. Request a draft contract from Helka Julkunen, Head of Green Office program, or fill in the contact form organization and the environment.

Create an environmental management system (EMS)

Upon joining the network, the organization has a year to prepare a practical EMS for its office. The organization selects a Green Office contact person and a Green Office team from among its personnel. To help create the system, the organization may use web-tools provided by WWF, which can be found on the Compass.

Arrange for an office inspection

When the EMS is ready, a WWF Green Office expert will perform an inspection of office premises. If the office passes this inspection, it will receive the Green Office diploma along with the right to use the Green Office logo. After the office inspection, the first annual fee will be charged.

Report annually

Once the organization has been granted with the Green Office labeling rights, it will start to report chosen key indicators to WWF. In addition, the office updates its environmental program every year. Reporting takes place annually in the spring via Compass and via Climate Calculator. WWF will send the reporting guidelines to the Green Office contact person.

Develop and improve

An office with the Green Office labeling rights should strive for constant development of its EMS and improvement of environmental awareness among its personnel. WWF will inspect the office premises every three years. During these reviews, fulfillment of the Green Office criteria and use of the Green Office logo will be monitored.

Going green is going paperless now and cuedrive drives you to the next level of online document management system.

Online Document Management System

As technology speeds up ahead of time, it tends to come up with newer and incredible ideas! One of such ideas can simply include the ‘Online Document Management Open Source System.’

The document management open source system is most basically used for managing, tracking and storing document with an available source code so that information is equally available to all. Basically the whole system is computer based, for managing digital documents. This system enables to keep record of variety of versions generated and revised by various users. These systems help us file and retrieve information. Being in a competitive market, most information businesses and other institutions need to remain digitalized, and run their business in an upgraded form. Hence ‘document management system’, in the age of computers, refers to those software programs that are able to store various and numerous kinds of files which may include photos, texts, video and many audio files, and it may also help you store scanned papers, such as letters, faxes, reports, financial data, emails, etc. The system would provide you the opportunity to secure your documents, i.e. only the individuals who are permitted to get access to them, can view them.

The system is one of the mechanisms of ‘Content Management’, i.e. a broader worldwide term, referred as an official technique of storing and organizing exclusive files belonging to distinct firms or organizations which allows the member of the specific organization to have access to the stored files, and work with the files with complete flexibility.

At the initial stage of the document management system’s arrival, much of the system were basically proprietary or institutional software, designed by firms. The firms kept a computer code assigned to their products, which acted as a trade secret for having a competitive advantage in the market. From the initializing period of the existence of the Internet, many visionaries operating in the medium had petitioned for the share of computer codes, arguing, that information should be equally accessible to all. Within the 1990s, this viewpoint had become the origin for an advancement called ‘Open Source’ that stimulated the access of source code and other source tools for allowing developers with the liberty to revise source code for creating products modified to suit their individual requirements.

Hereby, the document management open source system enables us to have a broad and diverse opportunity of designing perspective, which would allow multiple companies and individuals to sustain for the long term. If you want something really reliable, cuedrive can help you in establishing and managing your paperless office online.

How Paperless Office Works

Paperless office is a place where the use of paper is either eliminated or drastically reduced. Apart from being environment friendly, it also saves money, boosts productivity, saves time, makes documentation easier and secure, utilizes space. Paperless office is easily accessible from any place.

There are two type of must have requirements for paperless offices: hardware and software.

Hardware includes computers, computer tablets, smart phones and e-books etc.

Many companies provide different software for office documentation, speech recognition, sharing and security, scanning and converting to different formats etc.

The first step is to decide the file structure you require:

  • Which document do you have currently in system?
  • What type of documents your organization might need to store electronically?
  • Which files you need to access very often and quickly?
  • Which internal documents should be stored through e-media?

Once you decide for the file structure here are few steps which need to be followed for paperless office:

  • Share files with Google Docs, through which you can work simultaneously with your colleagues on a document or excel sheet. This system lets you interact with others who are viewing the document. It even saves time. You can access the files you made at any time if you need to email (or print them), and you can also revert to or compare earlier versions at any time. If your office is not into the Gmail craze, Microsoft Office 365 offers interactive document editing features . Base camp is another popular system for document collaboration and sharing. It stores documents and conversations/emails by topic, but it does not allow for two colleagues to simultaneously edit the same document.
  • The more online bill payment system is adopted, the less we will spend on postage, envelopes and employee valuable time required for coordination, checks, and confirmations. Managing your office finance through the electronic system makes payments prompt and easier to trace. Most of the banks now a days offer paperless statements and even give encouraging incentives for customers to manage online accounts.

Document management system also offers extra features such as:

  • User authentication for instant and increased security
  • Makes content accessible from anywhere at any time
  • Digital signatures
  • Complete record of documents
  • Prevents document loss in transit as compare to physical document
  • Multimedia filing, enabling together various type of visual images, text and data files, videos.

The cuedrive system provides a bunch of smart tools to help your office reduce paper waste. Every step towards a paperless office will save your time, money, storage space. And don’t forget to recycle any paper you still keep and don’t need any more.

Online Office Solutions for Small Businesses

With the advent of internet and ease of doing business online many small businesses have been trying to exploit the potential of it for expanding their footprint but expensive office suites and negligible support to small and Medium businesses to expand their business many companies have remained stuck in their territories and struggling to spread their wings.

   But with emergence of online Office Solutions the scenario has changed. The internet has witnessed a huge growth and proliferation of small to medium enterprises and no one is leaving any stone unturned to exploit the full potential of the Net. These online solutions have met with high expectations and have been able to provide a suitable platform for these small businesses to go neck to neck with their big counterparts. The Online Office soft wares have brought the cutting edge technology of word processing, document management, spreadsheets, etc. to the small business environment helping them to build up on their potential and use the features of these solutions to reach a wider audience. Not only have they been able to generate revenue and increase their customer base but also have been able to widen their footprint through the net and no longer restricted by their physical boundaries.

The Online office solutions have been able to build up small businesses in a way where they don’t have to worry much on handling the nitty-gritty of online document management as it comes inbuilt and security solutions complete the whole package. This has enabled small businesses to save huge money by cutting on maintenance of separate team to handle the documents but also to involve with its stakeholders anytime anywhere and not to be bogged down by the day to day challenges of modern online business.

   The success of small enterprises through Online office suites bears a testimony to the fact that technology not only empowers you but also opens up various doors previously undreamed of and has helped us unleash a huge potential of the net and these Online solutions to a whole new community. No longer any one company or group of companies hold sway over the net and business presence but emergence of small businesses have opened up a whole new segment of the market and innovations are being made at a break neck speed to make Online Office Solutions like cuedrive more and more user friendly and to be more powerful so as to handle all the needs of small businesses on one single platform.

Document Management & File Sharing System

While running a business its always important to keep all the important documents stored in a secure place for easy retrieval for later use and also being able to edit them when the need arises. With the proliferation of World Wide Web the corporate office and offices located at remote location are no longer miles apart but can access and edit the same file at the same time without compromising on the integrity or the availability of the document in question.

   Document management systems have come a long way in handling business requirements and are no longer constricted on a single device or a small network but with emergence of powerful file sharing systems documents can easily be shared among remote locations and users and proper editing and further documentation can take place with no extra cost and help us save a lot on time and space which would have been almost impossible to do with conventional means of communication. These management systems have helped businesses focus more on the business part and not to worry about the IT infrastructure taking care of the documents needed for day to day activities.

   With file sharing system being merged with Document Management soft wares we only need to worry about working on the present file and once its done share it with the concerned people who need to have access to it. These file sharing systems also incorporate security features in them to safeguard proper transfer and protection of the document and encrypt it so as to prevent any outsider to get a peek into what is being transferred.

So if we try to get an overall picture of the whole thing we can see how modern technology seamlessly merged so many different yet correlated activities in one tight package that we don’t have to worry about getting the documents created and checked by different people at different points of time making it a lengthy affair but the same document can be created and checked by different people sitting at their desks separated miles apart at the same time and saving on precious time and money. The security solutions also take care that we don’t have to implement a separate entity to maintain safe transfer of files and documents and is already being handled by the same cuedrive which is handling the file sharing. That is definitely a marvelous achievement of modern technology.

Cloud Document Management

What is Cloud?

With the advent of World Wide Web and the internet revolution, offices all over the world are no longer isolated from each other but have merged in one strong, evolving and flexible network which gives the same perks as the conventional means of communication used to give but does it at a faster pace. With increased usage of internet and its resources, it’s no surprise that we have come across file hosting services which manage your important documents by storing them on the cloud or the internet and it’s not limited to just one location but spread across several servers with easier management of data so that whenever you are in need of an important document, it will be available to you within a few key strokes.

How Document Management does takes place on a Cloud?

With the rise of paperless Office soft wares and the increased usage of e-documents and files its also imperative that they need to be stored somewhere where they can be easily accessed and retrieved from as well as ease of editing and logging the changes on these documents for future purposes. Cloud based document systems have been of great help in this regard as they give us the flexibility of access anywhere from the net and offers the same features as any traditional data center would do. Also being cloud based the costs involved and their maintenance is far less compared to conventional data centers, thus, helping many small-to-medium enterprises in saving considerable expenditure in setting up and maintaining a data center.

How safe is it?

Like any other IT solution the developers of these Cloud Document Systems have ensured that proper authentication and tight security policies are in place while leasing out the cloud services to a company. It is ensured that the access be granted to the employees of a company to that company’s resources only and no resources of other companies be visible to them. Based on the complexity of the cloud system role based access can also be introduced.

Data being spread across different locations on web ensure that if a server breaks down due to some event valuable data is not lost. Logger settings help us track how and when documents are edited and who are doing it to keep proper checks in places. So unless a full scale outage takes place on the internet or any other unforeseen incident the Cloud Document Management system like cuedrive are quite robust and reliable and give us the peace of mind while conducting our business.

Features of a Good Paperless Office Solution

As we are progressing at a rapid pace thanks to technology our understanding and applications of these technology have also underwent a huge makeover and we have found ourselves better adept at handling huge volumes of work previously unimaginable and have been able to cut down on expenditure on redundant activities but without any effect on the average accuracy of our work and easier availability of documents when needed.

How helpful is a Paperless Office Solution?

                As with any other field even enterprises and businesses ranging in sizes and operations have greatly benefitted with the emergence of Paperless Office Solutions and has saves on tons of cash by reducing storage spaces on office buildings, creating a greener outlook and reduction of other charges including fax, delivery and courier charges, etc. We no longer have to sit at the desk and carefully go through each and every paper document to ensure work is being done accurately and to take measures to store in appropriate places for later retrieval when time comes. With just a few keystrokes and click of a button we can read through several documents and place it in allocated spaces on machines where they can be retrieved from at any minute without any delay and cut down on huge storage spaces previously required for storing paper documents. With email documents can be sent at speeds of lightning and information is easily available to all the concerned stakeholders of the business without any long waiting period. Also less use of paper means a greener outlook as your company won’t need that much paper which it used to consume before coming of paperless software and reducing the impact on the environment.

Are there any pitfalls?

               Life isn’t perfect and it also rings true for technology as well. No matter how easy our life has become after introduction of paperless Office solutions we still need to make sure the documents are processed correctly and they are put in the correct format and placed in proper places where they are not compromised. Also a separate person or persons needs to be appointed to make sure details are available all the time and to take timely back-ups so that in case of any accident or any other event valuable data is not lost forever. Security also needs to be looked after to prevent miscreants from getting access to your files and periodic training needs to be imparted to employees as and when new technology is introduced to prevent people from falling behind and making mistakes in carrying out their jobs.

So looking at all of it we can say that with every new leap of technology it comes down to us to decide how we use it. Proper planning and implementation is needed to enjoy the benefits while reducing the impact of the pitfalls. But it is certain these technologies are here to stay for a long time to come. Check out cuedrive to make sure you join hands with some of the best hands for your online office management.

Benefits of Paperless Office Software

With the advent of modern technology many of us have embraced the newer and faster methods of communication which reach their destination much faster and save us lots of time and money. Gone are the days when we had to write a letter to our contacts in other companies or to government agencies to get an approval or any other benefit. Now with a single click of a button we can send mails or send across scanned copies of important documents to fasten our work and saves money and space by removing the conveyance and delivery charges for the mail as well as bulky storage spaces to keep the documents safe.

               With the emergence of paperless Office Software we can now process thousands of invoices, spreadsheets, important documents, images and what not within a single office space without an additional need for extra space for storing the files or extra manpower to handle all the work and proper storage of documents. With a few key strokes and click of the mouse we can crosscheck and verify important documents as well as easily retrieve the files when we are asked to and produce the documents in a matter of minutes. Also with email being seamlessly incorporated in the Office Software we can send the documents to any of our contacts or government agencies or even a colleague who are in need of an important file and needs to be taken care of at the earliest as possible.

                The use of negligible or no Paper at all helps a lot in maintaining an eco-friendly and greener office space and cut down on that very important “Carbon Footprint” which so many people and agencies are concerned about. You don’t have to sit and archive through millions of pages to locate some vital piece of information and wastage of paper is reduced to almost a nil.

               As one can see that paperless Software by cuedrive make our jobs in offices a hell lot easier but care must also be taken so that the important files and documents are properly stored and easily retrievable in case of any eventuality. Also in certain cases paper needs to be used when we are collecting information and needs to be filled in places with no access to any computer. But apart from these small drawbacks the benefits of cuedrive paperless Office Software are huge to outweigh the pitfalls and reduce the overall expenditure of a company in redundant activities.

Paperless office software Mac

This is an application which allows Mac users to keep up or retain the task of managing their receipts along with their respective documents. The process is neither complex nor hard to understand. Moreover it reduces the chances of retaining papers of just any kind. It emphasizes on scanning receipts, electricity or water bills, warranty cards or business cards and bank statements. There are different kinds of papers however when OCR is functioning it recognizes them. Besides that it adds their details in the details window. Furthermore, with this application you can create your own database. This will help you be orderly and have peace of mind as you will have everything under control.

This is an illustration of how to set a paperless office software Mac. However, you will need hardware like a canon desktop scanner which has a document feeder and an iPhone6. Moreover you need to have an ever note, drop box app, internet automation tool, scanbot and Mac scanning software.

Evernote It has an elephant theme which you can write your notes on. It has an archiving service which is ideal for organizing online documents as well as the documents in the cloud. It has supporting feature for the image files. Moreover, you can use multiple notebooks for your online work. Furthermore you can tag as well as search through the Pdfs.

Photos Once you open our cloud account you can shares images right from your ipads image gallery. It is easier to use it than any other application.

Internet automation tool is commonly known as ifttts. Its purpose is to connect with ones drop box along with the ever note personal accounts. It takes advantage of the fact that every time an image is scanned is automatically stored in the drop box.

ScanbotIt is a simple scanner you can use while still using your iPhone. Its best features include automatic saving your images into your customized ever note account. Most of all, you can have it as it is free, you only need to download it.

Mac scanning software’; setting it only takes a couple of minutes when you follow instructions to the letter, first you need to install and create a new ever note account. Moreover, you need to create a ‘to be filed ‘notebook in this account. Furthermore install and create a drop box account. Later on, create a paperless scans folder in your drop box. Check the ifttts link, you should click on the add recipes titles so that it may link your drop box folder with that of ever note’s notebook.

If you want to avoid the hassle of going through all of the above software and their issues, cuedrive comes to help you with its robust and secure online office management tools.

Document management solutions to serve you

A document management simply implies to a content management which has systematic approach to digitizing, managing your online documents, storing or restoring back your documents. All corporations despite their size need to manage and control two types of data. They include both structured and unstructured data. Structured data implies to all information found in the database. However, unstructured basically means paper documents and pictures.

In addition document management solutions has tools which enables one to either do the following

  • Capture
  • Route,
  • Store,
  • Manage
  • Archive ones unstructured data using a secure way.

Moreover, it has given consent to anyone to store and manage their unstructured data by paving way for them to store in a particular repository. Furthermore, it links them together by either one or more keys. For instance it may loop the files according to the customer id. Consequently this method helps in searching for their information without wasting time. It can be quickly accessed however, by only authorized people. Impressively an authorized user can either access it through a document management system or using another computer which has the same software appliances.

A well designed as well as structured document management solutions has the following significance in any business

  • It lowers operational costs whereas improving its efficiency in handling documents or electronic contents. Moreover its reduced costs are related to the storing as well as recovering documents.
  • Its efficiency reduces storage space accumulated by online files.
  • It has improved its organization by electronic routing and allowing sharing of files.
  • Its security has progressed as documents are converted to electronic content.
  • It has enhanced its capability to offer its operation continuity during aftermaths of a disaster.
  • It has advanced its regulatory agreement.

You can help your company embrace document management solutions by using cedrive along with hard wares at an affordable price. It will help your company to answer your clients in a fast and responding manner as you will not have to search for a file for an hour. Your company will be able to enjoy some of its complimentary sofwares. This package comprises of scanners, document capture software and document management software. Moreover, it has a server which is incorporated with hardware and software. Not forgetting your company will utilize the data storage available and backup devices that it has. In addition, it is very easy to get started when using it.